Week 12 Update

This week we went to the Creative Discovery Museum and Maker Faire!  We were thrilled to see we had a very favorable response to app.  In fact, the number one question was “where can we get the app.”  So, this is exactly what we are going to be working on, and we hope to have an early version of the app available soon.  If you would like to be put on our notification list, just send us e-mail at devlearnapp@gmail.com.

Additionally, we have been continually tweaking the lesson difficulty.  It’s quite a difficult task to bring something as complex as computer programming and break it down to be easy to learn and understand for someone that has no idea what programming even means.  And we are going to working some more on this with our pilot school, but it looks like we are finally getting really close.  This time, the majority of kids passed the lesson on the first attempt, and to our surprise we actually had a 2nd grader get a B without any assistance.  And for the vast majority of kids.  Once they pass the first lesson, they just want to keep going and are ready to handle the more difficult aspects.

Anyways, back to coding.

– tim


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