Week 11 Update

Tomorrow we will be at the Creative Discovery Museum between 5:30 and 7:30 for startup week Chattanooga.  And then, on Saturday we are going to be at the Mini Maker Faire also here in Chattanooga.  So, this should be a lot of fun.



But, just to let you know, we are still making excellent progress on our app.  We have kind of shifted from new development to the refinement process.  We are really looking forward to pushing our first release to the app store soon, and making it public.  In fact, I just heard from another person asking me today when they can get their hands on it.  So, the answer is soon.  But anyways, along with this we are fixing a lot of bugs, tweaking the lessons to make them more user-friendly, and slowly adding more lessons.  Our big thing for this week; though, is that we finally implemented showing of the correct answer for the more complex quiz types.  Previously, because of screen re-estate issues, we were only marking questions as incorrect without showing the correct answer in some cases.  But now, for every single question, we display both the answer that the user supplied and the correct answer beside each other.  This way a user can see exactly what they got incorrect in every case, and then they will know exactly how to get it right the next time.


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