Week 9 Update

This week we went to the Maker Fair in New York!  We had a great time there, and more importantly we got lots of great feedback.  For us, this was actually the first time we had children test out the app, so it was really useful to have hands on experiences from our target demographic.

We quickly realized the two big areas we need to work on the most is bugs and difficulty.  As far as bugs goes, it’s less of a bug but more of a usability issue.  We have to make sure the continue button is completely disabled until the screen is loaded or a question is completely answered.  Sometimes when the Internet was slow, users would click on the continue button several times and that would advance them too far or cause them to miss a question.  Secondly, we need to make the first lesson just a little bit easier.  The group of kids with even the tiniest amount of HTML just flew through the lesson, but really we want the kids with no experience do great.  This should be easy to fix, we just need to tweak a couple of the questions that are confusing.  Additionally, we plan to split the first lesson into two lessons.  This should make it a lot easier.  It’s really our goal to have everyone ace the first couple of lessons.  Because, once they get through the first initial hurdle, they tend to do really well and start to really enjoy the learning process.  Then on, the flip side, I think we may actually need harder lessons towards the end.

Now for the good part, we had an optional survey that the majority of the people completed.   And the results were really good.  I’ll let the graphs speak for themselves, but I was actually surprised by a couple.  The majority of the people felt they did well on the first lesson, and every single person said they would recommend using the application.  Also, a number of people asked us and signed up to be beta testers, even without us asking or having a sign-up form.




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