Week 7 Update

This week we worked on a leaderboard that will be able to be used to monitor statistics on individuals testing the app in real-time.  This will be useful for when we have several users testing at once.   And it also provides some feedback to the testers so that they can see how they are doing compared to a larger group.  Additionally, now that we have completed the core HTML lessons, we started on the CSS lessons and have knocked out the first one.  This also includes changes to our tutorials to support HTML, CSS, and JavaScript source views.

Anyways, we decided to start CSS first instead of JavaScript, for a couple of reasons.  First, CSS is naturally the second language to learn after HTML from a user perspective.  CSS just goes hand and hand with HTML.  Secondly, it is a much easier language to learn, and should fit well with our target audience being of new developers.  And lastly, we are still thinking about different ways to incorporate learning JavaScript on the phone.  It’s more logic oriented so we want to make sure we implement the right mechanics so that the user is using logic to solve issue, but at the same time not being bogged down by having to input hard to locate characters.  We got this figured out for the other two languages, but for JavaScript we need to spend just a little more time thinking about it.

Finally, there was a news report in Finland that programming will become part of their curriculum in 2016.  The source (http://koodi2016.fi/ops.html#section-1) is in Finnish, but the translated highlights are: Grades 1-2: Giving unambiguous command sequences to another person.  Grades 3-6: Using some kind of visual programming environment (not an actual programming language).  Grades 7-9: Actual programming language.


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