Week 6 Update

This week we completed our transition pages so that users have a guided way of transitioning from learning on our application to doing their own development on a personal computer.  We decided to split this section into two pieces.  First, within the app, we added a completion page that provides the user with a web address for them to enter on their computer.  Then, the actual transition tutorial is viewed on their computer.  We decided to do it this way, as the transition tutorial includes both software that they need to install on their computer and links to additional resources that really work best when viewed from a computer.  Anyways, with this final bit in place, at least from a content perspective, we now actually have the entire HTML tutorial finished!  There are definitely additional features we would like to add, bugs we still need to fix, and questions that need to be tweaked based on testing, but it’s definitely great to say that we now have one completed language ready to go.

– tim


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