Week 5 Update

This was one productive week.  First, we rewrote our first two lessons based upon our first round of user feedback.  Then, we added a fourth quiz type called match_code, which is similar to the code quiz type.  The difference is that with the new quiz type instead of the user being asked a question, they are asked to code html that matches the output displayed by the browser.  Additionally, we coded a review or results page, implemented additional HTML lessons, and worked on a wide variety of bug fixes. 

We also had three new testers try out the app for the first time.  This time, we were ecstatic to not only have our first tester pass the lesson, but receive a perfect score.  This was a high school math teacher, who did not have any prior coding experience.  She said she like how the questions seemed to repeat or build upon each other, which gives the user multiple chances to really learn the material.  Anyways, we are still working tweaking the difficultly of the questions and the speed of the tutorials, but we think we are definitely getting a lot closer in this regard.

– tim


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