Week 4 Update

Things continue to progress on schedule.  This week we added an order quiz type, which is similar to the code quiz type.  The difference is that the order quiz type allows the user to order tags vertically as opposed to horizontally.  This vertical layout is much more useful for coding larger HTML structures.  Additionally, we added support for tests, coded an already completed page, and added an out of lives page.

We also started our first round of testing, and we got a lot of valuable feedback.  It is really helpful to watch someone else use the app for the very first time.  On the good side, none of our test users had any trouble navigating the lessons.  On the bad side, our current lessons may just be a little bit too hard.  Our first test user, ran out of lives on the very last question.  Which, in the case of our app, this means you have to repeat the entire lesson.  We do this because future lessons build upon each other. 

Anyways, no one likes to redo something a second time.  So, it is very important that we have as close to a 100 percent pass rate as possible.  And for this reason, we have decided to redo our lesson structure.  First, we have added an additional life.  So, that there is now 4 hearts instead of 3.  This brings a passing grade to just a little above 70 as opposed to an 80.  We have also decided to redo all of our lessons, and slow down the rate of new material.  Essentially, instead of having 3 lessons on the basics of HTML, we have decided to increase this to 5.  These two things should make it a lot easier for users learning HTML for the first time. 

Lastly, work has already begun on the new lesson structure, and we created a new tool to make editing the lessons easier for us.  We’re also looking forward to another round of testing this week on our new lesson structures.  It won’t be long before we have one nice looking app.

– tim


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