Week 3 Update

This week, things went really smoothly.  First, we added points and hearts.  The points act as an award system for getting a question correct. And, then the hearts will ensure that the user has really learned all the mechanics in each lesson before moving forward onto the next lesson.  Additionally, we completed the lesson plan for the second lesson.  The first lesson focused on simple tags, such as the paragraph tag.  Whereas, the second lesson focuses on the structure of HTML and putting together the tags learned in the first lesson, in order to create an actual complete web page.  Lastly, we completed a multiple choice and code quiz type.  The code quiz type is really exciting in that it allows coding via a “block” concept.  Where users select code blocks and arrange them in the appropriate order.  For example, to say “hello world”, a user may need place the blocks “<p>”, “Hello World”, and “</p>” in the correct order.  This mechanic makes typing out HTML on the phone much easier while hopefully making coding HTML for the first time less intimating.  Overall, with these foundations, we are really close to having a platform ready for some user testing.  So, we are all looking forward to that.

– tim


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