Android Update

We just released a new version for Android onto the play store.  This version has minor tweaks to the display to make it more uniform across the app, and it also contains a number of small fixes to the lessons and questions.  Also, we’ve been slowly gaining popularity and are now at #5 in the App Store for coding!  Definitely, a big thanks to everyone for that.

Additionally, we’ve been working non-stop on the coding for the new iOS version and have that one almost ready.  I’m actually really excited about this release.  And I hope to have more details on this soon, but the good news is that we plan to support every iOS device Apple has released in the last 5 years.

– tim

iOS Update

I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays.  I know we did.  Anyways, I just wanted to provide a brief update that we have been quietly working on our iOS version and hope to have this launched by the end of the month.  We definitely have a lot more tweaking and coding to do, but we’ve completed most of the core application and things are starting to look really nice on both the iPhone and the iPad.

– tim

devLearn 1.0 released!

Just in time for the holidays, we are proud to be announcing the first public release of devLearn.  devLearn is an application to learn real programming on tablets and mobile phones.  It essentially makes programming so easy that you don’t even need to know how to type.

Our first live release is for Android based tablets and phones and is completely free.  Also, we know a lot of people have asked for an iOS version as well.  And we want to ensure you that Apple support is indeed on the plan for our next release, which will be coming soon.

Play Store Download:

Anyways, check it out, and have a great thanksgiving!

– tim

Week 18 Update

We finished up all the CSS lessons.  And finally we were able to track down a really important bug with one of the continue button handlers being added multiple times.  This bug has been bugging us for months, so we are really thrilled to have found it.

Also, we are releasing 1.0 of our app this week.  If you were one of our alpha testers, you may need to either reinstall or clear the apps data one last time after receiving the 1.0 update.  And thanks for everyone involved that made this 1.0 launch possible.

– tim

Week 17 Update

This week we completed two more CSS lessons and implemented several more fixes.  We now just have a small handful of mobile fixes, an additional two CSS lessons, and we should be all set for our first release some time next week!  Also, as a reminder, we will be demoing our project at the Giglab’s Launch Party this weekend.

– tim